The Girl with the Standing Desk

About a year ago, I read this article in the new York Times Magazine (“Is Sitting a Lethal Activity?) and decided I should build myself a standing desk.  In cubi-land.  I can’t say I’m the most popular — both because of the oddness and because I co-opted many reams of paper — but I am happier, and more productive.

I generally agree with LifeHacker’s assessment, and yes, it’s true that you’re not really standing all day.  Meetings, reading, and inadvertent plops into my chair all make it a lot easier to convince people that you really do stand all day in 3″ heels.

And I’m not kidding about the heels.  They’re bad-ass.

Even though my co-workers remain uninspired, having a standing desk has been fantastic for me

  • My back and hip pain that had kept me from running is gone
  • I’m far more awake during the day
  • Without knowing it, I fidget constantly, which makes me more productive.  I think.
  • I have much better posture.  I think.
  • I never have awkward sitting-talking-to-standing conversations with people who drop by
  • People don’t really drop by
  • I’m really hungry all the time
  • It’s kind of unsettling for the people who sit next to me
  • I am far more impatient about sitting during the day/in class but…
  • …I can sit contently for a solid four hours on the Internet at home
  • Now I want to buy a real standup desk because…
  • …people are constantly eyeing my paper.

Anyway, this is a ringing endorsement of standing-desk-dom, in case you weren’t clear.  There are tons and tons of way to make it happen, both on the cheap and on the $$.

Here’s my dream (on sale for just $1,600!):

Here’s the more likely option ($70…):

This definitely won’t happen:

And this might, at my peril:


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