Thoughts on Which I Have Lots of Authority to Speak: Marriage Equality in Jerz Edition

The NJ State Senate has passed the marriage equality bill by a vote of 24-10, a gain of TEN yea’s since the 2010 vote (TEN!). It’s going to the Assembly next where it’s likely to pass and then on to the Governor’s desk where it’s likely to be approved quickly because our governor is committed to freedom, equality, respect, and true conservatism.

Just kidding!

It’ll actually be vetoed with aplomb.  But, Governor, as a fan of yours, allow me to remind you why marriage equality is a mark of a real conservative and your approval will only help you in your next race.

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This is probably not good news

Jersey Comeback starts with a punt

Chris Christie is de-fin-i-te-ly running for President in 2016.  You know how I know? Because today, not a week after delivering a bad-ass State of the State that made me almost want to move back to Jersey, he elegantly removed himself from the state’s bubbling battle for marriage equality without committing to much anything.

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