Hate Crime Laws, or… Three Lesbians Walk Into a Bar

Assume these are lesbians. It's not that much of a stretch.

Well, they walked into a T station.  And then beat up a man for being gay.

The women were arraigned today for committing a hate crime, a charge they and their family deny could be possible since all three are out lesbians.

Is your head spinning yet?

Of course it’s not impossible for lesbians to be biased — or hate — gay men (I’ve always found it odd that two groups that could not be more different are yolked together in the fight for gay equality).  Nor is it impossible for Jews to be anti-semitic.  Or for any member of a protected class to have hatred for other members who may not wear their identity differently.

And herein lies a problem with hate crime laws: they lead to a lot of arbitrary, bizarre results because proving motivation is an abstract, subjective thing to do.  And humans don’t readily fit into neat categories.

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